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Alterac Valley Basics

Objective: To cause the opposing team to run out of resources or to kill the enemy's general.  Each team begins with 600 resources.  Killing the opposing team’s general will cause an automatic win. 

Minimum Level Players can enter Alterac Valley at level 51
Number of Players There is a maximum of 40 players per side
Battleground Style Victories are made by resource gains vs. loss (i.e. capturing towers, killing enemy players) or killing the enemy general.
Reputation Gains Stormpike Expedition (A) Frostwolf Clan (H)

 Where is Alterac Valley?

Although you can queue for Alterac Valley (AV) using the PvP menu or with a battlemaster in any major city, the official entry points are in Hillsbrad.  The alliance entry is north of Southshore and the horde entry point is north-east of Tarren Mill.

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How to Win Alterac Valley

Generally, horde will want to run north while alliance run south on offense.  The Generals for each team are located at opposite ends of the map (alliance would attack the Frostwolf Relief Hut where Drek'Thar is located, and horde would attack Stormpike Aid Station where Vanndar Stormpike is located).  The goal is to either cause the enemy team to run out of resources or to kill the enemy General.  If you are not zerging or blitzing (heading straight for the enemy's General) you can capture various locations (i.e. towers, bunkers, and mines) as you travel towards the enemy General to either obtain resources for your team or take away resources from the enemy.  The mines, for instance, will produce resources for your team.  Destroying the enemy towers or killing enemy players will help to take away resources from your enemy.

tip: Playing offensively typically leads to quicker games.

1) The zerg or the Blitz:  The Alterac Valley Blitz is similar to the zerg except that it must be completed within 6 minutes of the game starting to earn the achievement.  A zerg simply means that players rush for the opposing team’s general and down him at any given time.  A zerg can happen right at the beginning of the game, or any time thereafter. 

2) Win by reinforcements:  The first team to run out of reinforcements will lose regardless of whether or not the General is killed.  You can use different methods to make the opposing team run out of reinforcements (such as destroying enemy towers or killing enemy players or Captains) and gain reinforcements for your team (taking the mines, releasing Wing Commanders). 

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Tower and Bunkers:  

Each team starts out with 4 towers.  The horde initially own East and West Frostwolf towers, Tower Point, and Iceblood Tower.  The alliance initially own North and South Dun Baldar towers, Stonehearth Bunker, and Icewing bunker. 

To capture a tower, a player has to run up inside and click on the flag.  There is an 8 second capture timer during which the player clicking on the flag may be interrupted.  If a player successfully clicks the flag for 8 seconds, the opposite team will lose control of the tower but your team will not yet own the tower.   The towers and bunkers have a capture time of 3 minutes.  That is, unless a tower/ bunker is recapped (after having been capped) within 3 minutes, it will burn and reinforcements will be lost.  Once a tower has burned, there is no way to recapture it.  To recapture or defend a tower that was assaulted by the enemy, a player from your team will have to click the tower's flag before the timer runs out and the tower burns.  Similar to assaulting a tower, defending a tower has a channeling timer so you may be interrupted while attempting to defend the tower.

Flag inside West Frostwolf Tower
Flag inside of Alterac Valley Tower (West Frostwolf Tower)

You will need to kill the guards defending each of the towers in order to get out of combat and eat/drink.  The guards are fairly easy to kill and do not move from their spots.  The captains for each team both have Warmasters (horde) and Marshals (alliance) protecting them.  These Warmasters and Marshals will die when towers and bunkers are burned, making the general easier to kill. 

Towers and bunkers are each worth 75 reinforcements.  Try to burn as many of the enemy's towers as possible while defending your own.


Tower and bunker locations in Alterac Valley
Towers (Horde) and Bunkers (Alliance) throughout Alterac Valley.

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The capturing of graveyards in Alterac Valley is very strategic.  The resurrection locations of players depends on the graveyards that are owned by each team.  Capping inappropriate graveyards can cause the game to end up as a "turtle" which essentially means that the teams get bottlenecked in an area and cannot pass one another, thus slowing down the game.

If your team does not own any of the graveyards, all players on your team will be resurrecting at the starting point (far north for alliance, far south for horde).

You will want to keep an eye on your map to see which graveyards are owned by each team.  Keep in mind that for a team to be able to resurrect at a particular graveyard, the graveyard needs to be fully captured and not on a timer (attacked by a player but not fully captured). 

What Graveyards should I capture?

Ideally, your team wants to gain control of the graveyard that is nearest to the enemy starting point.  If you are horde, you want to capture the Stormpike Aid Station (Dun Baldar).  if you are alliance, you want to capture the Frostwolf Relief Hut (Relief Hut).  This graveyard should be your top priority to capture.

Once this graveyard is secure, go for the next closest one - Stormpike if you are horde, Frostwolf is you are alliance.

It is beneficial to capture and control the graveyard that is near the two enemy towers located in the middle of the map.  If you are horde attempting to capture Icewing Bunker and Stonehearth Bunker, try to control Stonehearth graveyard.  If you are alliance attempting to capture Iceblood Tower and Tower Point, try to control Iceblood Graveyard.

Graveyards located throughout Alterac Valley

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What is an AV Turtle?

An Alterac Valley (AV) Turtle is when players from both teams are stuck battling in a particular area and neither team is able to get through or past the cluster of players.

It is called a turtle because the AV match slows down tremendously.   Players are mostly stuck in one area and no team is making much progression.  These matches typically end after a long period of time when one team slowly overpowers the other team and makes it through to the enemy base, or when enough players on a particular team are killed, causing them to run out of resources.

Typical areas that teams end up turtling are labeled on the map below.

Typical locations of turtles in Alterac Valley
Typical locations of turtles in Alterac Valley

What causes Turtles?

Certain circumstances, such as capping inappropriate graveyards, can cause the game to end up as a turtle.  This usually happens if not enough players run directly towards the enemy base to capture the Frostwolf Relief Hut (if alliance) or Stormpike Aid Station (if horde).   One of the teams will wipe at Galv or Balinda, players will fight in areas they shouldn't' be, graveyards are ninja'd by enemy players, and so forth.

How do you Avoid a Turtle? 

Ideally, to avoid a turtle, a few people (2-5 at least) would run directly to the other team's base to capture the furthest most flag.  That is, horde would capture Stormpike Aid Station and alliance would capture Frostwolf Relief Hut.  Capturing these graveyards makes it so the enemy team cannot resurrect there and makes is easier to capture the nearby towers and bunkers.  Once the area is somewhat secure, your team can attempt to capture the next closest graveyard (horde would capture Stormpike Graveyard and alliance would capture Frostwolf Graveyard). 

To avoid a turtle, it's beneficial to actually allow the enemy to capture at least one of your graveyards.   This will allow for some enemy players to resurrect behind you, and make it easier for your team to reach the enemy base without much interference. 

Alliance could let the horde capture the Stonehearth Graveyard.  Horde could let the alliance capture Iceblood Graveyard.  Both of these graveyards are far enough from the enemy's home base to allow them to easily defend it, but far enough from your team's base to allow for the enemy to easily attack it. 

How do you recover from a Turtle? 

The majority of people will actually contribute to a turtle rather than help their team recover from one.  The biggest mistake people do is attack enemies or jump in to help their teammates when a battle is taking place in a certain area, instead of continuing to where they should be going.   If a bunch of payers from both teams are turtled in a certain area and can't seem to get by, do not stop and add to the clutter.   Keep running!  The more players from your team that can get past the turtle, the better chances you have of capturing a graveyard closer to the enemy base. 

 A good way to recover from an AV turtle is to have as many stealth players (druids, rogues) as possible make their way to the enemy base in stealth form.  They may not have to stealth the entire way there, but at least stealth safely past the turtle or other enemy players they encounter.  Once they capture the graveyard at the enemy base, they can assault the towers as well.  Hopefully other players will begin resurrecting there shortly to help out.

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There are 2 mines located in Alterac Valley that can be captured by killing the boss in the back of the mine.   When your team owns a mine you collect one reinforcement every 45 seconds.  

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Captains and Generals

Each team has one Captain and one General.  The name of the alliance Captain is Balinda Stonehearth, located in Stonehearth Outpost,  and the horde Captain is Galvangar, located in Iceblood Garrison.  Neither Captain has any Marshals or Warmasters protecting them.  The Captains grant a periodic buff of 20% extra health and a size increase to players so long as they remain alive.  Killing a Captain reduces the team's reinforcements by 100. 

Each team also has one General located at the either end of the map.  The alliance General is Vanndar Stormpike, located in Dun Baldar, and the horde General is Drek'Thar, located in Frostwolf Keep.  Each of the Generals is guarded by 4 Warmasters (Drek'Thar) or 4 Marshals (Vanndar Stormpike).  These 4 Warmasters and Marshals give a buff to the boss increasing his damage and health by 25%.  For each enemy tower that is burned a respective Warmaster or Marshal is killed.  Therefore, the more towers that are damaged, the easier it is to kill the General.  The health of the General is reset if the person with aggro runs out of the room.  Killing the General results in an automatic win.

Vanndar and Marshals at Dun Baldar
Vanndar and Marshals at Dun Baldar.

Generals and Captains located in Alterac Valley.

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Wing Commanders:

Each team has 3 Wing Commanders that are located in enemy territory.  These Wing Commanders can be sent home by clicking on them and speaking with them.  Sending them home will grant your team extra bonus honor and offer a quest upon their arrival. 

The alliance quest turn-ins  will be found near Dun Baldar and the horde quest  turn-ins will be found near Frostwolf.  Each Wing Commander accepts a different item which they collect in multiples.  The quest turn in items can be found by looting corpses.

Alliance Wing Commanders and their locations:

Slidore: Tower Point (collects Frostwolf Soldier's Medal)
Vipore: A hut next to the horde NPC Jotek, within the camp just south of Frostwolf graveyard (collects Frostwolf Lieutenant's Medal)
Ichman: East Frostwolf Tower (collects Frostwolf Commander's Medal)

Horde Wing Commanders and their locations:

Jeztor: Stormpike lumber yard (collects Stormpike Lieutenant's Flesh)
Guse: Icewing Bunker (collects Stormpike Soldier's Flesh)
Mulverick: Dun Baldar North Bunker
(collects Stormpike Commander's Flesh)

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Reputation Gains:

Competing in Alterac Valley matches and completing the quests will allow you to gain reputation.  The alliance gain reputation for the Stormpike Expedition and the horde gain reputation for the Frostwolf Clan.

How to gain Reputation:

Gaining reputation for the Frostwolf Clan and Stormpike Expedition is relatively easy and definitely the easiest of the battleground reputations.

Killing Enemy General (Drek'Thar, Vanndar Stormpike) (389 Rep)
Killing Enemy Captain (Galvangar, Balinda) (125 rep)
Killing an Enemy Air Master (5 rep)
Killing any Enemy Guard (caps at "honored") (5 rep)
Killing an Enemy Player (1 rep)
Killing Ivus the Forest Lord or Lokholar the Ice Lord (125 rep)
Destroying an Enemy Tower (64 rep)
Quests (vary)
Slidore/Guse (Wing Commanders) (1 rep)
Vipore/Jeztor (Wing Commanders) (2 rep)
Ichman/Mulverick (Wing Commanders) (5 rep)

Extra Reputation Gained at the end of the Match:

Enemy Captain Killed (36 rep)
Allied Captain Still Alive (125 rep)
Enemy Towers Destroyed (24 rep each)
Controlled Intact Tower (12 rep each)
Controlled Graveyards (12 rep each)
Controlled Mines (12 rep each)


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