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Silvershard Mines Basics

Objective: To gain resources (1600 resources to win) by controlling and capturing mine carts.   

Minimum Level Players can enter Silvershard Mines at level 90
Number of Players There is a maximum of 10 players per side
Battleground Style Victories are made by gaining resources from controlling and capturing mine carts
Reputation Gains None

How to Win Silvershard Mines

Silvershard Mines is won by the first team to reach 1600 resources.  Resources are gained by controlling and capturing mine carts. 

Carts are controlled by players standing within the capture radius or circle surrounding the mine cart.  The more players that are within the circle for a given team, that team will control the cart. 

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Carts & Tracks:  

Gaining Control of Mine Carts:

Resources are gained by capturing carts which give your team 100 resources each, or by controlling and escorting carts which also gains resources for your team.  Carts can either be neutral or controlled by a particular team.  Each mine cart has a capture bar that is similar to other battlegrounds in which towers or bases are captured.  If there are more players of a particular team within the circle surrounding the cart, you can watch the capture bar move towards the faction that is gaining control or has control of the cart.

Silvershard Mines Capture Bar
Silvershard Mines Capture Bar

Players must stand within the circle surrounding the mine cart in order to take/maintain control of the cart.  The circle surrounding the cart appears on the ground and changes color depending on which faction currently controls it.  The light beam above the cart, as well as the mine icon on your map, will appear either red or blue depending on which faction controls it.  Grey mines are neutral. 

The more players from a particular team that stand within the circle will control the cart for that team.  For instance, if there are 3 horde and 4 alliance within the circle, the alliance team will gain control of the cart.  Remember that it make take time to gain control of a cart when it is controlled by the enemy team.  The more players you have within the circle, the faster the capture bar will move but, if the cart is already close to the capture depot, your team might not take control of it in time.

If a cart is neutral, such as when it first leaves its spawn, it will be controlled by the first faction that has a player step within the circle.  It goes from neutral to controlled instantly.

Escorting Mine Carts:

All three mine carts spawn from the same location in the center of the map and begin as neutral (not controlled by either faction).  Each cart moves along one of the tracks and never stops.  There are 5 tracks in total and 4 capture depots.  Once a mine cart is captured, another cart will appear and begin to travel along the same track as the one that was captured.

In additional to the spawn point in the middle of the map, it is helpful to distinguish between each of the capture depots and know where each is, as this will help when calling for assistance from teammates or responding to calls.  There are no formal names given but they are typically referred to as "Lava," "Water," "Bridge," and "North."  Each of these capture depots have different appearances and even different artwork and decorations around each one (the water area is filled with flamingo decorations and the bridge area is decorated with sculptures and other artistic features.

Silvershard Mines Capture Depots
Capture Depots with Horde and Alliance starting areas shown.

The mine cart that travels to the water capture depot always travels the same path.  The carts that travel to the bridge and lava capture depots can be switched and made to travel to the north capture depot by clicking on the track switch.  Likewise, if one of the carts is travelling north, the track can be switched so the cart travels to the other depot on that track.  Any cart that arrives at a switch point will travel in the direction in which it points.  If the cart has already passed it, the cart will not turn around and go the other direction.

Silvershard Mines Directions of Carts Along Track
Travel directions of carts along tracks and track switches.

Why switch the tracks? The track switches can come in handy at different times.  For instance, you can switch one of the tracks to have the mine carts travel to the north depot and assign just 1 or 2 players to escort it. Because it's usually far from where most of the action takes place, this cart will likely only get a couple of people that attempt to attack your teammates that are controlling it.  They will typically have a lot of time to call for assistance.  If you do this, you can have the majority of your team members focus on one of the other carts, such as the water (middle) cart.  Players can run between the two as needed.

You can also switch the tracks if you notice that the enemy team is constantly running the same cart.  If you are able to switch it to travel north, it will make the time in between captures longer.

Track switch
Track switch to change travel direction of mine carts.

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Player Buffs

As with other battlegrounds, player buffs are very beneficial in Silvershard Mines.  Remember to use the restoration buff as needed (when low on health or mana) and use the berserking buff to deal more damage when attacking players.

There are two Berserker buffs and two Restoration buffs which always appear in the same locations.  The berserking buff increases damage dealt by 30%,  damage taken  by 10%, and slightly increases your size for 1 minute.

Buff locations in Silvershard Mines
Locations of Restoration and Berserking buffs in Silvershard Mines.

Berserking Buff Locations: One is located on the ledge/ramp near the track switch area between the north and lava capture depots.  The other is located on the ledge/ramp between the cart spawn in the middle and the track switch that is between the bridge and north capture depots.

Berserking buff
Berserking buff on ramp between middle spawn and track switch for North and Bridge capture depots.

Berserking buff
Berserking buff on ramp by track switch between north and lava capture depots.

Restoration Buff Locations: One is located near the lava capture depot, slightly tucked into a corner where the ground meets the lava.  The other one is located behind a waterfall near the water capture depot.

Restoration buff
Restoration buff located behind waterfall near water capture depot.

Restoration buff
Restoration buff located near lava capture depot.

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