General Game Play
Playing Offense
Playing Defense
When to Call for Backup
Know your Role as a Teammate
Sample Match Strategies

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General Game Play:

Warsong Gulch is a capture the flag battleground.  Your team should always be focused on capturing the enemy's flag while preventing the enemy from capturing yours. 

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Playing Offense:

The offensive players are generally the ones that will be running the flag.  Players that fight in the middle or go after the enemy's flag carrier are also grouped as offensive players.

Main Roles of Offensive Players:

- run the flag/ protect the flag carrier
- return your team's flag if the enemy grabs it
- attack players helping the enemy flag carrier

As an offensive player you should make sure that someone is always attempting to go for the enemy flag.  Even if the enemy flag is well defended or you are losing incredibly, your team should ALWAYS have at least one person going for the flag.  Often, it will be said that a plate wearer or a druid should run the flag.  This is good as they are typically easy to keep alive.  However, any class is capable of running the flag and using their individual spells and abilities to stay alive.

As an offensive player, you will either be running the flag, helping the flag carrier run the flag, or attacking the enemy flag carrier and their protectors to return your flag.  Very seldom should you not be partaking in one of these roles as an offensive player. 

Upper entrances to horde flag room
Two Upper Entrances to Horde Flag Room from Outside.

The Flag Carrier:

Flag carriers should do their best to stay near some sort of protection, and preferably a healer.  The flag carrier should not battle unless absolutely necessary.   The flag carrier should grab the flag and return to their base as quickly and safely as possible.  If you have the flag and are waiting for your team's flag to be returned or dropped by the enemy, stay very close to the capture point as you may have just a brief opportunity to capture the flag.

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Playing Defense:

As a defensive player, you will be guarding your team's flag.  You will be inside or very near the flag room at your base.  At the very beginning of a match, teams tend to zerg (all run/ charge as a group) into the other team's flag room in the attempts to grab the flag.  Unless your team has players that are intercepting the enemy on the way to your flag room, you will likely be confronted with more enemy players than you can handle.  Be prepared for this if you decide to stay on defense right at the beginning of the game.

There are several ways that enemy players may enter your flag room to take the flag.  They may come up the tunnel, through an entrance near your graveyard, or from up top (although they would need to go part way through the tunnel to get to the roof).  Keep an eye on each of these and if there are players defending with you, call out incomings if you see any.

The 3 Entry points to a Warsong Gulch Flag Room as seen from inside.

Main Roles of Defensive Players:

- protect the flag
- kill enemy players trying to get the flag
- heal your team's flag carrier

When to Call for Backup:

Keep in mind that there are only ten players per side in Warsong Gulch matches.  Players may be occupied doing other things and may be unable to assist if you call for backup. 

There are only certain instances in which you would ever call for backup in this battleground.  If you are running alone with the flag, you may want to alert your team and ask for players to assist you.  If you are trying to kill the enemy flag carrier to return your flag and you cannot do it alone, you may ask for assistance on returning the flag.  You should state the class of the flag carrier (warrior, druid, mage etc.) as well as any players assisting them so that your team can determine which and how many of your teammates should assist you.

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Know your Role as a Teammate:

If you are a healer, you will most likely be protecting the flag carrier.  At the beginning of a match you would run to the enemy base along with whoever else is going.  Watch to see who picks up the flag and follow them.   Your flag carrier will be your number one priority, no matter who it may be.

If you are a dps class, there are several duties that you may have.  You may choose to stay and defend your flag or you may choose to return your team's flag by going after the enemy flag carrier.  If you choose to run the flag, ensure that you have enough health and are fairly well geared.  Otherwise, let another player run the flag and you attempt to assist them.

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Sample Match Strategies:

There are many ways in which this battleground can be won.  As well, the match could change paces at any time.  Below are some general sample Warsong Gulch strategies that you can try if you have a cooperating team.  If you choose a particular strategy, you should attempt to stick with it unless it is necessary to switch up roles.

Sample Strategy 1:

Your entire team sticks together as one big group.  Choose a flag carrier and stick with them.  Begin the match by charging the enemy flag room and stealing the flag.  Run the flag back to your base.  If the enemy takes your flag, go as a group to return your flag while protecting your own flag carrier at the same time.  Capture the flag and repeat.  If you happen to die at any time, run back to the group immediately.

Sample Strategy 2:

Have one group run the flag and one group stay back to defend.  Ensure that the teams are evenly split (i.e. do not have 5 healers on one team).  The group that is running the flag should do their best to protect the flag carrier and get the enemy flag back to your base.  If the enemy gains control of your flag, your group should ignore it and allow the defending team to worry about getting the flag back. 

The defending team should have players watching all entrances to the flag room.  Attack any enemy players attempting to steal you flag, preferably enemy healers first.  If the enemy gets away with your flag, the entire defending team should go after them and attempt to return it.

Sample Strategy 3:

Choose one group that will run the flag.  This team will focus solely on grabbing and capturing the flag.  If you are part of this group and you die, run back to your group as soon as possible.  If several people from your group die, attempt to regroup as quickly as possible.  Do not run for the flag until your group is together, wait near your base.  Continue to go for the enemy's flag and attempt to avoid battling unless necessary. 

The group that is not running the flag attempts to control the middle.  At the very beginning of the
match, this team will run to the middle of the field and intercept the enemy team as they are on their way to your base.  This will stall the enemy team from getting to your flag as well as break up the group by killing some of them or having some run away, if you are successful.  There is a good chance that several members from this group will die during the initial interception because they will be confronted by the entire enemy team running as a group.  If members from this group die at any time, they should run back to their group in the middle as soon as possible.  Whenever the enemy has the flag, this group should be the one to go after the flag carrier.

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